What Is Holistic Dentistry?

The definition of Holistic Dentistry can run a broad spectrum.  To some dentists giving vitamin C makes them holistic, to another being mercury free makes them holistic.  There is no set criteria on what makes a dentist holistic.

In my practice being holistic means I am aware of how dental health care relates to the whole body.  I’m open to new treatment modalities and have the following available as treatment options and adjunctive treatments to the standard of Dental Care in Virginia:

·        Acupuncture

·        Adrenals Cortisol Levels

·        Anodyne – Infrared Technology

·        Balancing Body Chemistry

·        Bio-modulator

·        Blood Test for Vitamins & Minerals

·        Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy

·        Dento-Cranial Treatment

·        H2O2

·        Herbals

·        Homeopathy

·        Kinesiology

·        Mercury Free

·        Metal Free

·        Nutrition

·        T.E.N.S.

·        TMJ Therapy